Enable Restaurants, Bars, and Other Retail Locations
To Project and Protect Their Brands, While Their Guests Control the Music

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What is Beatselecta?


Beatselecta’s background music solution enables amusement and music operators to offer retailers and restaurateurs a custom-crafted sonic environment that enhances their hard-built brands, while attracting young crowds who love to program the soundtracks to their lives.

Beatselecta gives businesses the tools to better connect with customers through a shared passion for music. With Beatselecta, the location’s existing music library is presented to guests along with interactive features that digital natives and millennials use every day to personalize and curate their music experiences, like browsing, skipping, and social sharing through their smartphones.



Beatselecta enables you to offer a dynamic music solution to attract and serve a whole new market of dining and drinking establishments to address the habits and media consumption needs of the millennial generation. New high end bar/restaurant concepts and microbreweries spend millions of dollars designing and building welcoming environments that meets very specific brand standards, with carefully curated consumer experiences. The last thing they want is a clunky, old-fashioned jukebox on the wall with a vast music selection disrupting the aesthetics and sounds of their brand.

With Beatselecta, you can break through with new locations you might not otherwise reach and engage in a conversation about solving their music needs. Once you are in, they may also need additional millennial-friendly entertainment sources, like pool tables, pinballs, photo booths, or ski-ball.

How Does It Work?

  • Beatselecta comes with a custom Android tablet, which broadcasts the location’s playlist so guests can interact with the music via the Beatselecta app on their smartphone.
  • Beatselecta reports through SoundExchange, the independent nonprofit collective management organization that collects and distributes digital performance royalties to featured artists and copyright holders.*
  • Beatselecta collects guests’ email addresses, enabling locations to communicate directly with their customers with their own promotional messages, making Beatselecta a complete music and marketing system.
  • Locations should have their own Performance Rights licenses through BMI, ASCAP and/or SESAC.

Easy to setup and install

Just show the location how to load their music library, plug the Beatselecta tablet into the house sound system, and build a few playlists. You can be up and running in minutes.

Flexible business model

Beatselecta lets you decide how to charge your locations. We keep our hand out of your pocket.

Make money with background music

Beatselecta is the only background music system available exclusively through amusement operators.

Open up new locations

Beatselecta is designed for millennial-focused locations that don't want jukeboxes, but might be primed for other profitable equipment.

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Beatselecta understands how much time, effort and money you have put into developing your brand; including your careful approach to the music you play. We also realize that today’s consumers expect to interact with media wherever they go. We’ve developed a solution that takes your existing music selection and combines it with interactive, millennial-friendly features.

  • Attract music fans who were born in the digital age
  • Keep them happy and on-site longer
  • Give them reasons (and the tools) to tell their friends on about your business on social media
  • Easily communicate your promotions and events to bring them back
  • You decide what gets played through smart, custom playlists
  • Build your customer list for future communication every time they interact
  • No complicated contract. Leave whenever you want.
  • Easy setup on the provided Android Tablet

Your Guests Will LOVE It!

  • Free download for iOS and Android phones
  • Personalized music experience:
    • Browse library by Song, Artist or Genre
    • View Now Playing and Up Next tracks
    • Jump the music queue by paying with in-app credits
    • Select one free track per day or one free selection in queue

Choose Beatselecta!


Your guests get to play their favorite songs while they are shopping or eating and drinking at your location, resulting in longer stays, increased sales and more likely return visits.


Automatic dashboard reports and analytics provide you valuable information when customers check in; you can see their music selections in real time! Play data helps you fine tune your music playlists to better reach your customers


Beatselecta is simple to download and install. Get started serving music on your menu in less than 15 minutes. Just import your existing music and create custom playlists that best suit your brand.


We provide you with an Android Tablet for an easy plug and play solution. The mobile app is free for your guests to download and you can set their free and paid options.


Beatselecta is offered exclusively through your local amusement operator, so you are guaranteed great local support.

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